Toxic Mold

When we rent from a land lord, when we buy a house, when we visit a business, or when we go to work- these are all places we expect to be safe and healthy. But sometimes there live in these buildings, mold of a degree of toxicity from an aggravation to your allergies to down right deadly. And the people who owned the buildings ignored the signs of mold infestation or failed to have their premises checked.

This can mean one or more things. It means that if you buy a house with the mold, you were lied to and your safety ignored. It means your employer failed to make your work environment safe. It means the business you frequent has put your health at risk We will discuss now, toxic mold and the liability of each of these real estate owners .

What is Toxic Mold? Toxic mold is a variety of molds that produce a substance known as mycotoxin. Toxic mold, as well as other not so toxic molds are created in warm, moist and stagnant conditions. A perfect place is a building. Stachybotrys chartarum is the most common.

If a building has mold in it, it means one thing: there is a water leak somewhere. This leak can come from the plumbing, or a leaky roof. This means mold is preventable, or at least it can be stopped early.

What affect does mycotoxin and toxic mold have on your health? Most common are mild to moderate allergic effects. Toxic effects are skin, lung and other respiratory infections. Another severe effect can be systemic fungal infection, which can take years to treat.

All-in-all the affects of toxic mold on your health can be dangerous and costly, resulting in hospitalization or even death. If you suspect that your illness is caused by mold, it is important that you find medical attention.

Furthermore, if you recently purchased a home and suspect mold, it is important you find out if you purchased the home with the mold as the seller may have a liability. Also, landlords are required to inspect their property to ensure it is safe and habitable. The same can be said about your place of employment and any other public place. If you suspect mold to be causing your allergies or the more severe symptoms of toxic mold, it is important to see both a doctor and a qualified attorney.

Your landlord, your employer, the businesses you frequent and even the person you bought your house from may have a liability in your illness. A qualified attorney can help you get to the source of your medical problems and seek damages for the result of your illness.