Texas Work Injury Lawyer

A serious workplace injury can keep you out of work during your recovery, and in some situations, permanently. We understand how difficult it can be to suffer an injury that renders you incapable of working for any amount of time. Not only are you dealing with your injuries, you are faced with the financial challenges that come with being out of work. As a Texas workers’ comp lawyer with more than 32 years of experience, I can help you.

If you have suffered a workplace injury, you need an experienced Texas workers’ compensation attorney who can stand up for your rights. Contact us for a free initial consultation about your worker’s compensation case.

Understanding Texas Worker’s Compensation Laws

Workers who suffer work-related injuries and are not capable of returning to work for a period of time are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to prevent financial hardships. If you have been injured or permanently disabled as a result of a work-related accident, you may be entitled to:

  • Income benefits for lost wages while you are out of work
  • Medical benefits that cover 100 percent of your work injury-related medical expenses
  • Permanent disability benefits that provide compensation (usually in a lump sum workers’ compensation settlement for the total or partial permanent injury or loss of function)

In addition, when a worker is killed in a fatal accident in the course of his or her occupation, the surviving family members may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits.

You Need Strong Advocacy From an Experienced Work Injury Attorney

Workers’ comp laws are intended to protect both the injured employee and the employer. However, the process for obtaining workers’ comp benefits can be frustrating for injured workers. Workers’ compensation claim denials are not unusual, and unfortunately, many injured workers who have been denied workers’ comp benefits simply give up without ever discussing their option to appeal their denied claims.

Some common causes of workplace injury

Common work-related injuries for office employees

Texas Work Injury Attorneys

With over 32 years of experience serving injured workers throughout Texas, I know what it takes to provide the strong advocacy you need. I have successfully represented clients who have suffered all types of on-the-job injuries, from serious back or neck injuries, spinal cord injuries to foot and ankle injuries. I handle occupational disease cases, frequently arising from respiratory issues or carpal tunnel or other hand and wrist injuries. I also handle work injury cases involving shoulder and knee injury claims and other serious injuries resulting in disability such as brain trauma. Many of my clients are also capable of recovering benefits that cover treatment for pain and depression, which frequently come from coping with a serious workplace injury.