Pain & Depression

Dealing with the Effects of Chronic Pain and Depression

Do not discount your feelings as being “down in the dumps.” Chronic pain and depression often go hand in hand. Your life can change in an instant following an accident that results in serious injury. Active lifestyles become inactive. The daily work routine can become severely disrupted.

As your attorneys, we take your chronic pain and depression seriously and seek the compensation you need to treat this legitimate and disabling condition.

Ignoring the signs of depression will do more harm than good. Left untreated, depression can be debilitating and deadly.

Your Life Has Changed … And Not For the Better

Following a serious injury to your back or knee, prescribed pain medication can become a part of your life. Severely injured people may require narcotics and injections just to get them through the day. In many cases, depression sets in following a life-changing accident at work or while driving in your car.

Chronic Pain and Depression

There are no outward signs of depression. Physical injuries are noticeable. The hidden, emotional pain can do far more damage than a broken bone or strained back.

Many clients develop depression from long-term chronic pain. We have helped many clients get treatment for that depression.

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