Back & Spinal Cord Injuries

Back Injuries : Long-Term Effects of a Life-Altering Back Injury

The severity of a back injury can cause both physical and emotional pain. A promising career can end in an instant. We help clients with back injuries obtain medical attention and disability benefits.

Your Back Injury is Never Minor

Clients come to me suffering from damage to their upper back or neck (cervical) or their lower back (lumbar). Disc material between the vertebrae becomes twisted, injured and inflamed. Swelling pinches nerves, resulting in pain and numbness.

Many back injuries – such as a lower back strain – will heal within eight weeks, but the pain can remain severe during recovery. More serious back injury can require surgery, leaving clients with permanent pain and restrictions in their lives. In some cases, clients are left with a permanent disability and also suffer depression from chronic back pain.

Regardless of the severity of your back injury, We will seek the benefits you are entitled to receive at the law office.

Your Pain and Suffering Can Be Disabling

Sometimes an injury can result in lost income and resulting financial troubles that can only add to your physical and mental distress. Chronic pain requires pain medication and possibly antidepressants, not to mention other future medical care such as physical therapy and counseling. That costs money. Money you may not have because you are unable to work.