Denied Injury Claims & Appeals

Representing Clients Wrongly Denied Valid Claims

Do not be surprised with a denied Texas workers’ compensation claim. Many valid claims are denied initially by insurance companies. It should be no shock that the insurance provider denied certain treatments or other aspects of your claim. The practice is common and often people just give up, assuming that the final verdict was rendered. Regardless of how common the practice may be, it can be a devastating moment for injured applicants.

We encourage clients to fight on as we advocate for them in disputing an insurance company’s denied workers’ compensation claims.

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Do Not Simply Accept a Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

Insurance companies are large and well funded. They have the financial means to contest claims. However, when a rightful claim is turned down, you need an attorney to advocate for you to correct that error or engage in mediation to find resolution. That is what we provide at our Texas law office.

At Your Side When You Are Wrongfully Denied Benefits

Insurance disputes related to denied workers’ compensation claims often become complicated. Your doctor may have mapped out a plan of treatment only to have the insurance company deny it. I represent many clients at hearings and on appeals to ensure that they get full medical benefits.

Appeals : Another Chance to Secure the Compensation You Deserve

A different set of eyes looking at your claim can mean all the difference in the world. Specifically, it can mean the difference between you receiving your rightful benefits or being denied yet again. At our law office in Texas, we represent clients seeking to appeal a prior decision that prevented them from securing the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Workers’ compensation appeals are complex and not something you should pursue without an attorney at your side. We can help. Contact us immediately.

At Your Side during the Entire Workers’ Compensation Appeals Process

Following the initial denial, do not give up. You have options that include a workers’ compensation claim appeal. I often represent clients at the hearing before the deputy commissioner. Our goal is to provide a persuasive argument that helps secure your benefits and ends the matter.

What if that does not happen?

You Have Options beyond the Initial Appeal

The process is anything but finished after the first appeal. At the Texas law office, we represent workers’ compensation clients in their appeal to the Court of Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court.

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