Occupational Stress

In this busy, busy world, stress is a part of everyday life. There is traffic, quibbles with family and friends and all the frustration that has become so synonymous with the 21st century. However, what about the un-necessary and un-warranted stress caused by your work environment? Co-workers who are abusive, bosses who are abusive- all of this can be too much to handle and you know what, you do not have to!

There are several types of harassment that may be encountered in the workplace. There is sexual harassment, which has so many ugly faces. Then there is just plain disrespect and deplorable working conditions. Some people think they have to put up with it, entertaining thoughts like “But I can’t find another job. This job pays well. Nobody else will hire me.” However, they do not have to and they should not put up with this abuse. Let us talk first about your employer’s responsibility to make sure you are safe from abuse of the physical and psychological types.

Your employer has the responsibility to make sure that you are safe and comfortable in your work environment; just the same, they have to make sure their customer’s are safe. Furthermore, when we think of safety, we usually do not think of it on terms of psychology. New research shows that psychological stress can consequently cause physical ailments. If that is not harm then I do not know what is.

Your employer has the responsibility to make sure they and no one else with their company abuses you in any manner. To that end, let me explain a few examples of abuse that cause unnecessary stress.

Sexual Harassment is an insidious form of abuse that often goes un-punished. It can be repeated attempts by a person to become romantically or sexually involved, even after you have made it clear you are not interested or that you do not like the suggestion the person is making.

Another form of sexual harassment is a person who has a supervisory position or another position that can fire, promote or demote you, tells you if, or unless you perform one sexual act or another, they will: 1. fire you. 2. They will promote you. 3. They will make your stay at the company difficult or otherwise give or take something away during your career. Another less known aspect of sexual harassment is gestures, or inappropriate touching that you have made clear is unwanted.

Further, there is harassment from co-workers or others based on your religion, race, ethnicity, color, creed, national origin, gender, or sexual preference. These are discriminatory remarks and are of the utmost illegality.

To conclude, harassment and work place stress can be any interaction with fellow workers that is unnecessarily negative abusive or in any other way violates your rights to a safe, (Remember this means psychologically too.), healthy workplace. It is no fun to dread going to work because of the unnecessary stress and torments you may face. You shouldn’t have to…

It only takes one request for another’s inappropriate behavior to cease before it becomes harassment and unnecessary stress. If you or somebody you know, whether in the past or currently, are in an unnecessarily stressful work environment or you feel you are being harassed, it is important that you seek legal counsel from an attorney. Only they can ensure all of your rights are protected and that you are compensated for the pain you encountered during this or any period as the result of workplace stress and harassment.